Covri on the old Venetian means “The Heart”, which is also a feature on crest of the Covra family and we want that heart to connect this beautiful Villa with our visitors, in order to carry this impressive story further.

let's start

The extraordinary Villa Covri is located in Istria, near the wonderful town of Novigrad. The villa got its name after the Istrian village Kovri where she is located, at only 4 km from the nearest beach.

The villa was built in the 16th century and was completely restored in 2017 with furnishings of the highest quality and environmentaly friendly paint. The old beams that have for centuries framed this beautiful villa have also been restored while the old stone has been put to new use. Marble of the highest quality from Istrian quarrys was used to decorate the house. The interior of this beauty consists of three floors which successfully combine traditional Istrian with modern industrial style which makes this place especially inviting.


The open concept living and dining area together with a fully equipped kitchen and toilet are located on the ground floor. Three spacious bedrooms, all with en-suite bathroom are located on the first floor where from one of the bedrooms you have a terrace from which you can directly access the garden.
The other two comfortable bedrooms, also with en-suite bathroom each, are located on the second floor. The villa is surrounded by a beautiful mediterranean garden with lavender, rosemary and olive trees where the refreshing private pool awaits and invites you to unwind in this beautiful oasis.

Stone Baladur

ours dates from the 16th century and is perfectly preserved. She has served as an inspiration for many books, songs, films and photo sessions.
Everyone who passes below can feel the power and spirit of the past.

In the early hours of the morning as you sit under the Baladur, you will feel some strange power of the past. You can see in a moment’s time, and in a moment you will see the Villa as it was in the year 1600.

Stone Floor

The stone found in the house is an original stone from the time the house was built and is the same as any stone in this house, hand-drawn from a nearby field and hand-carved and hand-worked.

When the house was renovated, every stone was taken out by hand, numbered and returned to the same place as it was, because we wanted to keep the originality of the house, the originality of the floor, and the stone was not processed in any way, because we want the stone breathes with the house, we want the house to live.

Experience means

We are not here just for tourism, just to sell accommodation, we are here for you and your experience, to enrich your life and spend your vacation as high as possible.

We will not let you get bored and ask what we are going to do today, but we will prepare your content before you even get here.

To round up your experience in this extraordinary villa, the owners can offer various water sports at a discount. Yachts and other boats can also be arranged. For those who would like to truly relax – a top yoga teacher can come to the villa and offer a private or group class as well as a massage.

A tree with feelings

The male Murva tree does not give fruit. However, after only one hug, this tree did bear fruit. The Virgin Mary has appeared in many forms to be considered a miracle, but this is a true miracle because neither scientifically nor divinely can justify what happened here.

Miracles exist

Beside the house stands a tree, which refused to bear fruit until it saw its friend who planted it.
After 70 years and a warm embrace, the tree wept in the form of fruits.

Covri models

If you are lucky, you may also be able to see famous models editing their editorials for well-known Croatian and foreign brands.

Of course, your visit and your peace will not be touched, because this is what this Villa is all about and what makes it different from other Villas, but if you close your eyes and wish it strongly, beautiful models can swim with you in the pool.

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Our botanical garden at the top of the pool house with local as well as Croatian plants is an impressive collection.
If you want to watch some of the rare plants, you can do so with your favorite beverage on our upper terrace.

Famous, too

The Golden Globe nominated movie “Život sa stricem” was shot here in 1987, before the renovation.
Villa has hosted many other film producers, directors and movie stars.

Covri models

If you are lucky, you may also be able to see famous models editing their editorials for well-known Croatian and foreign brands.

Of course, your visit and your peace will not be touched, because this is what this Villa is all about and what makes it different from other Villas, but if you close your eyes and wish it strongly, beautiful models can swim with you in the pool.

Creative Covri

The fact that Villa Covri has always been closely linked to magical also proves that it has always attracted culture and projects of great cultural value.

From the very beginning, the Villa was visited by theater actors, where it eventually resulted in the making of some very popular films (unfortunately we couldn’t reach some), and today, in the modern era of social networks, more and more celebrities and influencers are exploiting advantages of our Villa.

If you are interested in staying in our Villa to get the perfect photos for your instagram account or to promote one of the products on your social networks, Villa Covri is available for cooperation.

Covri movies

If you want to know more about the movie that was made at Villa Covri, you can search for it under the name “Život sa stricem” or “My Uncle’s Legacy”.
The movie was made in 1987.

Just fits all

it doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, influencer or journalist, your place is in our Villa.
Our heart is with all the people of this world, so come, write, sing and enjoy.

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Villa Covri has received 3 awards in 2018: one is the prestigious Grandprix 2018 award for the most beautiful rental house in Croatia – according to the audience’s votes.

The other award is for BEST PROJECT 2018 Professional Network for Architects and Designers Archilovers has selected the Villa Covri project among the best projects in 2018 all over the world.
The last award is 22 Tourism flower – quality for Croatia – best unique Spot Holiday Home.

Business for you?

Do you want to use our Villa for your business needs?
Need the perfect backdrop and unique image for your photo shoot, for your movie, or maybe looking great dinner place for your Reality Show?

Our Villa is ideal for anyone and everyone.

If you are just looking for space for your presentations and want to impress your business partners, we are here for you.
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Our Villa is a museum with currently the oldest express pots in Croatia.
Everything you see in the house has its own story and its history.

< Unique pots

Everything at Villa Covri is part of its history, and one of the most valuable things is the 1800’s express pots that no museum currently has. Villa Covri owns the oldest express pots in Croatia.

Water jug >

The jug, which is over 200 years old, was once used to transfer water with which they were washed, washed and drank. This jug is always with us and is of inestimable value.

Other specimens

Unfortunately, we are not able to tell all the stories from the history of Villa Covri, as well as the stories of all things inside the Villa itself, but when you arrive, you will receive a private tour of the Villa with an extraordinary story that you have never heard before.


A place where silence touches peace, where paradise touches earth, this is the place where you meet true happiness.

Just imagine

because here

you can do it.

Just imagine

because here

you can do it.


Yes, reading is of utmost importance to us.
The Covri Library is available 24/7

Encourage to read

With all this technology and social networks, many people today have forgotten about books and reading.
Most young people today do not know the feeling of reading a book, do not know what it is like to feel the fresh paper under their hands, the smell of paper and the creation of book worlds in their heads.

We know.

Reading books is of the utmost importance, because not only do we encourage guests to read, but we also offer particular pleasure to those guests who like to read and are book oriented.

The library is expanding and expanding on a daily basis. That’s why every season and every visit you will have new reading material.

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Free weekend

A new cultural project gives the house a very special charm.

As we said, house is a genuine small museum of the famous Covra family, and several months ago a small library “From the heart – the Covra Family” (with the support and collaboration of the Italian community Fulvio Tomizza from Umag) has been opened in one part of it. With this project we wish to motivate people to find time to read, and create their own library “from the heart”.

Therefore, we invite reading fans and book lovers from all over the world to send us a book or two with inscription. The owner of the book with the most original personal inscription will be awarded a free accommodation for the whole weekend in our house.

Help us share

We kindly ask you to help us share this interesting story about the first book friendly house in the world on social media and thus become an inextricable part of this wonderful project.

Help us spread awareness of the importance of reading, help us become both you and the part of the world where books matter, and become the part of the world where the book has meaning again.

Done reading?

When you read the book, we are here again for you. We are here to give you a new experience again, so put off your book and move on to new adventures.

Facilities of Covri

This is just a small list of what we have to offer and what can be experienced.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us: here.

Complete offer

We can say with certainty that we are the only Villa in Croatia that has not only a rich history and story that you will get tingling on your back, but we also offer a complete holiday.

From sports offer, gastronomic offer, organized excursions and over twenty other ideas how to spend your vacation, we also offer you a luxury package that no one has.

Of course, we have to mention another package that nobody has, and all our guests adore it, which is an experience offer.

Experience Istria and vacation like never before. We want to show you what it is like to be and live as a local resident, so before we go further to experience page, lets see what Villa itself have to offer.

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Free parking on premises


Self check-in


Non-smoking throughout


Full Kitchen




In Villa you have the best Istrian wines and the best Istrian olive oils.



These Atomic pots are not for use but are currently the oldest in Croatia.



These Atomic pots are not for use but are currently the oldest in Croatia.



Accessories for children and the youngest with all the extra and necessary things.



two hundred year old bread oven for the best pizza in the world.



When we wake up, we all want the best coffee for a great day. Start your day with Covri coffee.



Every day you can eat fresh Istrian food freshly harvested before your eyes.



the table and chairs in the kitchen are for 12 people and the table is solid wood.



Washing Machine






Free Wi-Fi on Every Floor



From each room you can see the sea. Literally from every room.



All rooms have real wooden floor. It is Croatian wood and Croatian craftsmanship.



The best mattress on the market. Only the best for your vacation.



The beds are custom made. We decided to make them specifically for you./p>



in all rooms our designer Boris Ruzic has made stone nightstands as a kind of small work of art.



Each room has its own bathroom and toilet. The bathrooms are equipped with all necessary accessories such as towels and toilet paper.


Safe Box




Climate Control


Pets Allowed




Extremely large and comfortable sofa for rest and reading.



The Croatian famous painter has specially created paintings for our Villa.



We have prepared various magazines for you in different languages.



This is a fully functional fireplace, which also heats in case of need for heat.



Books and all sorts of things ready for your fun and leisure while you take a break from the excursion.



Carpet in living rooms is made of natural and antibacterial materials.

surprisingly easy

From the very arrival to the Villa until your departure, your stay will be extremely easy and extremely interesting.
From the first moment you meet the owner who will. to greet you and take you through the house with the most interesting story you have ever heard, right down to your extremely interesting activities, you will see that this is a whole new and special experience, a whole new experience.

Even if you just spend all your days at the Villa by the pool and reading a book, you will have the perfect vacation, but with what we have prepared for you, you will have the best vacation ever!



Outdoor Fireplace


Picnic Area


Outdoor Furniture


Sun Terrace



A large cooling pool or simply to enjoy beside it with your favorite beverage.



Perhaps the most beautiful part of the house, one of the oldest ports in Croatia. Therefore, we offer a table and chairs for you to enjoy there as well.



There is no place in or around the house where you cannot rest or enjoy. We told you, this is paradise.



Do you want money, happiness and children? Embrace our tree, sit below and expect to see you soon...



If it is raining, you can always enjoy your coffee on the closed terrace overlooking the sea and the beauties of Istria.


Swimming Pool


Designated Smoking Area


Sun Loungers or Beach Chairs


Green Garden for Yoga




Garden with native plants and indigenous plants from all over Istria, as well as from other parts of Croatia.



Modern grill with all the necessary accessories for the BBQ, which are located in the house next to.



Can you imagine a more ideal atmosphere and a more ideal sound than a waterfall in your Villa?

Our Location

Villa Covri is easy to find. Just look for sea views, close proximity to good food and lots of love.

Closest Landmarks

• Aquapark Istralandia … 2 km
• Novigrad Bus Station … 6 km
• Novigrad Marina … 6.1 km
• Mandrac City Harbour … 6.5 km
• Novigrad Old Town … 6.6 km
• Rigo Patrician Palace … 6.6 km
• Lapidarium Museum in Novigrad … 6.7 km
• St. Pelagius and St. Maximilian Church … 6.7 km
• Umag Bus Station … 9.7 km
• Church of Saint Mary and Saint Peregrine … 10.5 km

2 km … sterea Restaurant •
2 km … Primizia Cafe/bar •
2 km … Market Market •
4 km … Plodine Supermarket •

Restaurants and Markets

Sea and Beach is only 2.5km away.

Closest Airports

• Trieste Airport …  52.3 km
• Venezia Airport … 139 km
• Pula Airport … 57.3 km
• Rijeka Airport … 76.5 km
• Sečovlje Airport … 12 km

14.4 km … Sečovlje Salina Nature Park •
15.2 km … The Euphrasian Basilica •
15.3 km … Poreč Main Square •
16.8 km … Portoroz Thermal Spa •

Most popular Landmarks

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