Experience a new feeling

You must have been on a lot of vacations, and it all came down to the same thing: lying on the beach, walking and dinners?
Well, welcome to a new holiday life!


Individual approach

Every client’s desire is a new challenge for us. We strive to get to know you before we actually meet. This way we can offer you the best tour package for you.


A complete treatment

We can offer and arrange a number of services for your maximum pleasure and the best holiday ever!

so, the journey begins

Start your journey through the magical Istria, discover the history, culture and legends, enjoy fabulous Mediterranean food and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Use our local expertise for tailoring your perfect Istrian vacation!
Together with our partners we are offering you a carefree planning, including:

  • Transfers – from and to airports, from your hotel to the starting point of your tour or any other necessary
  • Accomodation – offering a range of accommodation units in Istria, suitable for every taste and every pocket.
  • Homemade lunch and/or picnic packages

Hidden medieval Istria

Discover the hidden castles and churches of Istria.

  • Transfers available from Rovinj, Poreč, Umag and Pula
  • Starting from the Lim bay we are going to enjoy the naturally formed estuary of an ancient river.
  • Visit the magical medieval town of Dvigrad and continue to the nearby town of Kanfanar.
  • Lunch break and free time to roam the town
  • continuing through the villages till the hidden church of St. Peter on the peak
  • After a short break going back to our starting point via the town of San Vincenti
  • Sightseeing of the town
  • Return to Lim bay and transfer to your starting town

Medieval Istria Tour options

Options of this Tour:

  • The tour is available by bike or on foot.
  • Bikes available for rent, contact me for more info
  • Lunch included in the price of the tour
  • Whole day tour/Half day tour available
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Guided tours

Guided tours of the Istrian towns, including Poreč, Motovun, Grožnjan, Rovinj, Pula and Umag. Send us a message for any additional info and your preferences.

  • 2-4 hour walking tours
  • visiting the main sights of the town
  • guidance by a licenced tour guide
  • relaxing walk through the center filled with stories and legends
  • Lunch available upon request


There are several ways to experience Istria with us.
Whether you feel it through food and drink, through excursions, through visits to some of the historic and significant places, or simply become a local resident for one thing, it is entirely up to you.

Depending on the season you are coming to and depending on your wishes, you can also experience grape harvesting, olive harvesting for the best olive oils in the world.

Feel free to contact us via our e-mail. We are glad to answer all questions from our current and future guests.

Local cuisine

Wine and dine

Visit the magical Istrian hilltop towns including Motovun and Grožnjan. Learn about the amazing history of the inland Istria, taste the homemade bread and olive oil, the divine truffle of the area and live an authentic rural everyday lifestyle. With the supervision of a local licensed tourist guide you can just relax and enjoy the ride.

  • Transfers available from Rovinj, Poreč, Umag and Pula
  • Visit the magical towns of Grožnjan and Motovun.
  • Taste some of the most specific Istrian wine sorts
  • Typical homemade lunch in a rural environment
  • Sightseeings of Motovun and Grožnjan
  • Return to your starting town


We take you through history from the very beginning and emergence of Istria.
There used to be dinosaurs walking around in Istria, but more on that when the time comes.

Istria before the Roman Empire

Take a walk on the hills near Poreč with remains of the ancient Histri civilization dated 4000 years ago. Learn how the town thrived before the arrival of the Roman Empire.

  • 3-4 hours walking tour
  • hiking the three hills near the town of Poreč with guidance by a licensed tour guide
  • Learn about the ancient civilization of Histri who prospered in these parts long before the Romans arrived
  • Learn about specific towns architecture and ways of life of the Histri people
  • short break with a picnic lunch
  • Return to our starting point
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The Euphranasius Basilica in Porec from the 6th century is on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage.

History Fact

The first mention of Istria and Histrians, dates from the 6th ct. B(“Tour of the country,” geographer Hecataeus Hegesandrov of Miletus).

Cities of the ancient Histri civilization

Visit the three major sites of the Histri civilization – Nesactium, Monkodonja and Mordele. Discover the unknown story of Istria! Join us for a visit through historical sites of the region of Istria. Accompanied by a local tour guide you will learn amazing facts dating more than 2000 years B.C. Explore the culture that strived at the Istrian peninsula long before the Roman empire arrived to the area.

  • Transfers available upon request from Poreč, Pula and Rovinj
  • Lunch available upon request
  • Whole day walking tour
  • One of the most interesting stories about Istria that you ever heard
  • Learn about the advanced civilization that lived in Istria before the arrival of the Roman Empire

Did you know?

The westernmost building of Istria (and thereby Croatia) is a beacon in Savudrija. It is the largest lighthouse in Istria, it is 36 m high and built in 1818.


do you like nature?

If you like to spend time in nature, these are the perfect excursions for you. Trust us, sea and beaches are not the only things you can really enjoy in Istria.

Istria hiking tours

Discover the tallest Istrian peaks on the Ćićarija mountain in the northeast. An excellent escape from the summer heat and crowded areas! Click on Book now for more details!

  • Enjoy the view of Istria from the highest point in the region
  • A 3-4 hours refreshing hike
  • Upon good weather excellent viewpoints guaranteed
  • Homemade lunch in rural environment available
  • Transfers from and to your hotel available upon request



Istria guided cycling tours

Discover Istria on two wheels – take a ride through the many villages, olive groves, wineyards but also beaches and amazing seaside.

  • Offering a number of routes all over Istria
  • Discover the amazing natural surroundings of the inland Istria
  • Discover the former narrow gauge railroad Parenzana crossing through Istria
  • 30-50km daily routes available
  • Homemade lunch in a rural environment upon request
  • Bicycle rental available
  • Transfers to and from the starting point available from Poreč, Umag, Rovinj and Pula


Istria is a wonder in itself. We may not be listed as World Wonders (yet), but we have dozens of UNESCO protected monuments.

Istria natural wonders tours

  • transfers available from Poreč and Rovinj
  • a 15km round trip guided by a licensed tour guide
  • visit the natural wonders of the river Mirna including 7 waterfalls
  • Lunch break near an old mill
  • Whole day tour






Hrvoje Roksandić (H.) – Histria Guide
Phone: +385 95 903 40 53

email: tours@histriaguide.com

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